Housing affordability is at an all-time low, but you can find an affordable home.
Here’s how

Meet The Hanslip's

Judy & Scott

"We were living up north, Pennsylvania, and so we had to evaluate very quickly, a very solid referral and somebody we could depend on."

Why did you choose Larry & Joy?

They knew the market. You know when you're making these decisions, you really have to know the ins and outs of the marketplace and understand where not to look as much it is to where to look and to steer you and your interest based on your financial conditions.

What stood out to you throughout 

the buying process?

The emphasis of time invested on their side was immense. A lot of realtors probably wouldn't come near half the time or commitment they would put into pre-planning and planning and then executing.



Would you recommend The Mastropieri Group?

We will cheerlead! We're 100% confident in providing referrals. I know when I knew when I recommended Larry and Joy that I would get nothing but unbelievable feedback and we did!

"You never had to wait for Joy to respond. She was really hands-on. We didn't feel like we were ever put on the back burner and she made the process really easy."

Hanslip's Top Buying Tip:

" If somebody is at that position or that time of their life where they're looking to buy or sell, whether it's my son's girlfriend's father who came down and bought through them or my son looking for a place near our own home, I could go on and on with the stories, but we're 100% confident in providing referral 100%

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